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Twinwoods & Bedford 07 Mounting the Table

After sawing the 9 mm thick wooden plates in their respective shapes the table can be mounted.

Along the walls the plates rest on a support beam. The peninsula and the aisle side of the wall tables rest on legs with height adjustable feet.

The lower and upper tables and the peninsula are mostly done. What’s left are the two ramps. These will be sawn out of 3 mm board because they need a certain flexibility, they are curved and therefore need to be twisted some to mount them flat to the surface at both sides of the curve.

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Welcome at this website / blog

This website / blog contains all kinds of info on the model railway hobby project I'm working on.

This homepage is where new posts appear when a major step has been made, or when I came across something noteworthy.

The other pages in the topmenu and the sidebar store information to be easily found back.

The railway hobby to me is more about electronics and (micro) computer control than about scenery. A lot can be found here on the use of Arduino as a DCC decoder and on Traincontroller PC layout control.

Who knows these pages may be helpful not only to myself, but also to other model train hobbyists..

There's also a Youtube Channel.



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