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Hscope Automotive Module

Hscope Automotive Module

The previous video was an introduction into Hscope, and Android app for a digital storage oscilloscope used in combination with hardware for instance the Hantek 6022BE module, and many similar others.

This video shows an additional module that can be purchased from within Hscope for just a couple of $, well worth the money. It turns Hscope into an analog data logger, with a measurement time of multiple minutes, depending on sample rate. The max sample rate depends on the hardware module used, and can be as high as 100ksa/s. More info can be found on the Hscope website.

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While it actually is a full fledged analog data logger, the module is called ‘Automotive’ because it has two cursor overlays that are dedicated to engine cylinder measurements.

The first overlay is a 720 degrees scale that shows the 4 cylinder phases and that has a movable cursor that shows in degrees, from the 0 degrees start position up to the 720 degrees position.

The second overlay is a selectable number of cursors (1 -10), representing the number of cylinders in a motor, with which it is possible to show a bar graph at each of the cursors that represents the area of the signal under the cursor. This way differences between cylinders can be made visible.

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