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Traincontroller 43 – Kadee Couplers

The previous post showed the hardware for uncoupling wagons using Kadee couplers. This video is about how to uncouple automatically in Traincontroller.

It’s just a little sequence of events that needs to take place and that is programmed in a macro. The macro can be called from e.g. a push button or from the ‘finish operations’ of a schedule. The macro contains the following steps:

1 reverse driving direction
2 set speed at a low value
3 delay the amount of seconds needed to move the couplers to the magnet
4 stop
5 reverse direction
6 set speed at a low value
7 delay the amount of seconds to drive the loc away a bit
8 stop


Welcome at this website / blog

This website / blog contains all kinds of info on the model railway hobby project I'm working on.

The homepage is where new posts appear every time a step has been made, or when I came across something noteworthy.

The other pages, reachable via the topmenu or via the sidebar, store some information I thought worthwhile to remember. Having it all here in one place makes it easy to find it back.

The railway hobby to me is more about electronics and (micro) computer control than about being protypical or to have the nicest scenery. A lot can be found here on the use of Arduino as a DCC decoder and on Traincontroller PC layout control. Who knows these pages may be helpful not only to myself, but also to other model train hobbyists..