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Layout design

This weekend some layout design work has taken place. I’m not sure yet … but I’m considering to completely skip the phase 2 that I originally had in mind and go to phase 3 immediately.

phase-2B-trackPhase 2 was meant to ‘start simple’ and learn the ropes. But after having laid the oval with the help of a club friend, I feel that it might not be worthwhile. It will take a lot of time to lay the track and to do all the electrical work … and all that to play with it some time and then take it apart again and start all over? Which will also lead to quite some scrap rail and wiring which maybe can not be reused.

Dunno … something tells me just to skip the whole step and start with ‘the works’ immediately! 🙂

There already was a rudimentary phase 3 layout. It has been tweaked and tuned until I had something that satisfies. On paper that is … not sure yet if this is 100% definitive. First like to check with some club friends and maybe there is some feedback or input on the forums. Then I’ll make up my mind.

Detailed info can be found on the ‘layout’ page.


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2 thoughts on “Layout design

  1. It would be good to include some kind of reversing loop in your layout so that a goods train or loco hauled passenger train can leave a terminus station and return.


    Posted by Dave Miller | October 19, 2014, 08:35
    • Thx for the feedback Dave. There are three small pieces of track where a loco is stationed to haul the trains back out of the terminals. I fear I have no space for returning loops or junctions at the end of the tracks.


      Posted by rudyb2014 | October 19, 2014, 08:52

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