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Track fixing

A few months ago, the question how to fix the track to the table was passing my mind. A little brainstorm lead to a range of possible ways, written on the hardware page (near the bottom). The point is … I do not like glue. It is too definitive to me. I want to keep the option open that I might want to change the layout at a later time. Yes, I know, you can take apart glued track, but it becomes more messy. Any other way keeps the track cleaner.

connectors-shiftedWith the first flex track laying tests absurd large screws were used. That of course is not the way to go for the definitive layout. After several tests I decided to go with the ‘garden wire’ method. Some 6 cm of wire is bent into an U-shape. Two tiny 1 mm holes are drilled at the outside of the rail alongside a sleeper. The U wire goes over the sleeper, through the holes. Under the table, the two wire ends are simply bent to the side … rail fixed!


Track_Fix_005          Track_Fix_004.

Below we see a piece of track fixed to the table by just two of those wires (one is in view, the other is to the left, at the back side of the rail, out of view). Using a wire every 20 cm, alternating left and right, fixes the track tight enough.

The reed switch is the one that I plan to use for block detection.

Track_Fix_001          Track_Fix_002

When the garden wire and the reed switch wires are tipped with a black marker pen, they become well camouflaged and are barely noticeable from a normal viewing distance. Of course I should have painted them black before mounting them, in order to cover them fully  and not to smear my rail and table like I did now. Lesson learnt. 🙂

Track_Fix_007          Track_Fix_006



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2 thoughts on “Track fixing

  1. I found that fixing track on cork roadbed using contact glue works an absolute treat. You can adjust the track and it holds pretty well instantly. It does not come loose, but if you want the track up then just slide a utility knife blade under the track and slide. The track comes away easily.


    Posted by Craig Shaw | September 30, 2017, 04:28
  2. Hello Rudy,
    Maybe glue seems definitive, but on the other hand, when you take normal PA glue (houtlijm) then you can always make it wet in the future and take off the tracks. It might be less definitive then you think? After that you can wash things clean and dry everyting. Of course that will be a bit messy, but you want to change things anyway, isn’t it?
    Chris de Groot.


    Posted by Chris de Groot | November 20, 2015, 14:46

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