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Pimping a Peco buffer with lights

Today a new milestone is reached: the track is fixed to the board. From here on the electrical work can start and I bet soon we’ll see some life coming to the layout.

Buffer_Lights_007The first sign of life are the lights that I mounted onto the Peco buffers. When I clicked the buffers to the track I thought them a bit dull. There is a little plastic shape on top of the buffer that resembles a light. How nice would it be if that could become a real light? Worth a try.

At the club we had some quite small red led’s that looked ideal for the job. OK, probably some 0603 SMD led’s would look better, but I first tried out these ones and I must say … it looks quite OK to me. Two tiny holes drilled in the buffer were enough to mount the led and keep it tight in position. I had to turn the buffer around 180 degrees, which means now the backside is actually at the front, but I bet not many will notice that minor detail.

Then there were choices to make about the resistor and the wire. It would be possible to hide the wires left and right and connect the resistor under the table. But I opted to have them in sight. Painted black they resemble some ‘mysterious’ devices under the buffer. I somehow liked it. Will keep it this way for some time and then make up my mind before I do the rest of the 11 buffers in total.

On the pictures the led’s show quite bright and pale. In reality they light up in a nice dark red. I like led’s to burn rather ‘low’, they can easily get tto bright. These have a 1k5 resistor with a 5V power supply, resulting in a current of somewhere around 2mA. Just about the right amount of light in my eyes.

Buffer_Lights_001          Buffer_Lights_002

Buffer_Lights_003          Buffer_Lights_004

Buffer_Lights_005          Buffer_Lights_006

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