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Soldering DCC rail droppers

Rail droppers are connected to the 5 branch DCC star network under the table. A start has been made soldering the 52 rail droppers to the track.

Wiring_007          Wiring_008

These are the steps I follow:
1. Strip the wire over 10 mm and tin it
2. Bend the tinned wire into an L shape over 2 mm (image 1)
3. Push the wire down and manoeuvre it such that the L touches the rail perpendicular (image 2)
4. Tin the soldering iron and hold it against the wire and the rail
5. Add a little bit of tin from the side and wait till it flows
6. Remove the iron and hope that it dries into a nice shiny solder joint
7. Measure ohms with the multimeter and … on to the next

EDIT: in the mean time, with step 2 and 3,  I added a second bend in the wire. 2 mm parallel to the track and 2 mm perpendicular. The parallel part eases the soldering because there is better rail contact. This is not shown in the video.


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One thought on “Soldering DCC rail droppers

  1. Hi Rudy,
    Just finished my first 100 (50 pairs) of rail droppers using your method, all looking good. Probably got another 30 pairs to do.


    Posted by Alan | January 23, 2016, 01:37

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