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Finally … driving around!

ECoS_on_iPadFinally all 23 turnout servo’s are attached, both mechanically and electrically.

The video shows the first drive around the full layout with three trains. All still manually controlled. I have the ECoS screen on the iPad, via a VNC client (I use Mocha VNC Lite). Track automation really is a must, cause man … driving multiple trains manually really is hard work! Constant attention is needed to switch turnouts in time (otherwise an unyielding short will follow) and to stop trains in time at a terminal track. After 3 rounds I was sweating! 🙂

With the servo’s there had been some hurdles on the way.

First it seemed there were 2 types of servo’s and when connected to one Arduino they act weird. In order to take care I had only one type of servo connected to one Arduino, 7 servo’s needed to be exchanged. That meant 14 times disassemble and assemble and tune again. See ‘Servo trouble’.

Then it turned out that the servo’s make a little jump at power-up. All 23 of them jump together, which made that my 2A power supply would not start up. Although 2A would have been enough for normal operations, a heavier supply was needed. Luckily I could use the ATX power supply out of an old PC. See ‘Needed some more power’,

Now, luckily, all is well. All 23 turnouts work without any issues. It is fun to see that a fully functional DCC servo control can be made for less than €2,50 per turnout. Let’s hope they continue to function for quite some time.

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One thought on “Finally … driving around!

  1. Hey grate job i’v been following for a month now and I am trying to copy a lot of you’re working I’m interested in your servo buses I am useing mega with a sensor shield as I can also hook up rtf lcd display .


    Posted by Ken | February 2, 2018, 02:17

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