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Test Run With Traincontroller ‘Auto Train by Drag and Drop’

Besides working on Traincontroller videos (which is fun to do) the highest priority with the layout right now is the installation of the train sensors.

Reed_Switches_PreparedWell … the past few days 60 holes have been drilled and today 30 reed switches had their lead wires soldered on. That means all the preparations are done. What is left to do now is to install the reed switches and make the connections to the two S88 Arduino’s.

A few sensors have been mounted and connected already, amongst which 2 sensors that are used for the speed profile measuring track. The speed profiles of all 4 engines have been measured. There will be a Traincontroller video on that later.

Once TC knows the engine speeds per DCC speed step, the brake distance accuracy, over different trains and with different block entry speeds, turned out to be within a +/- 1 cm (!). That is more than good enough to me. Based on these findings I decided to work with just one sensor per block.

Of course I could not resist to already have a little test run with automatic traffic 🙂  The video shows how that went, using ‘Auto Train by Drag and Drop’. It also shows how accurate TC can work with just one sensor per block.


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One thought on “Test Run With Traincontroller ‘Auto Train by Drag and Drop’

  1. Hi Rudy,
    I thought I would leave you a comment by way of giving you a big pat on the back for spending so much time and effort in your model railway ‘life’.
    I am a retired penshioner with loads of time on my hands to play trains, however by the sound of your voice I don’t think you fall into the same category?… do you find the time to do all you do, as well as doing so much inspirational documenting/videoing of your progress?
    I have so much I would like to ask you about your success in Train controller software, I am an itrain user of some 3 years experience but your progress with TC over such short a time astounds me, so much so that I have downloaded demo version of TC and am in process of transcribing my OO gauge UK steam layout into it.
    Would it be possible to swap email addresses to have a route (excuse the pun) to keep in touch and exchange TC ‘notes’?

    Best regards Alf.


    Posted by Alf King | June 23, 2015, 09:06

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