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Traincontroller 13: Start / Stop Schedules via a Switch on the Switchboard

To start a Schedule, so far we had to open the Dispatcher window, find the schedule in the list, right click and select start forward or reverse. It works, but it requires several actions. It would be much more convenient to have a switch on our Switchboard that can start the schedule.

Well … that is possible. It is even quite simple. Just add a switch to the Switchboard, double click it  and in the properties window, in the ‘Operations’ tab, add the schedule(s) to start to the right hand pane. That’s all! Click the appropriate icon if you’d like to start a schedule in reverse. With a shuttle schedule, it is a good idea to add the same schedule twice, once in forward and once in reverse direction, it will then always start no matter if the train is in the start or in the destination block.

It would of course also be nice if we can stop the schedule with that same switch. Also that is possible. Go to the Dispatcher window and double click the schedule in the list to open its properties window. Now in the ‘Conditions’ tab add the switch to the right hand pane as a start condition. This means, as long as the switch is ‘on’, the schedule can start as a successor, or in the case of a shuttle or cycle it restarts itself. If the switch is turned ‘off’, then the condition of not met, end the schedule will not restart.


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7 thoughts on “Traincontroller 13: Start / Stop Schedules via a Switch on the Switchboard

  1. Excellent videos. I have learned a lot thanks to you. I have started a shuttle using a switch on the switchboard but cannot do the same for a single service schedule. I keep getting a warning message saying the switch is inoperable. Followed the same procedure as you outlined but no success. The user manual is no help. Do I need to put start and stop switches at both ends to make it work ? Any ideas would be appreciated. I have a large layout using Gold software. Howard from Oz.


    Posted by Howard Berry | May 10, 2016, 10:05
    • Howard, any switch should be operable and in the operations tab you shold be able to enter the Schedule you want to start. If it does not work … you can send me your file and I’ll have a look at it. I’ll send you an email.


      Posted by RudyB | May 10, 2016, 12:40
  2. Stumble across you site – excellent structure for the demonstrations and the whole site, and a systematic approach to operating a whole range of S/W – well done.
    Can I inquire as to the software you are using for the screen grabs? Very clear and the zoom-in “concentration” areas are great…
    Your soft accent reminds me of many an hour/days spent at Philips Eindhoven in meetings that seemed to drag on and on……….

    Regards Stu


    Posted by Stuart Farquharson | July 19, 2015, 08:32
    • Hi Stu. So you’ve had long meetings with Philips in Eindhoven too? 🙂
      The screengrabber software is NCH Debut Video Capture.


      Posted by RudyB | July 19, 2015, 09:29
      • Thanks for the info Rudy – yes retired now and a bit like you, had a train set when young, then got into filming as a hobby (8mm) in those days, came back to model railroads (now in the garage – called The Engine Shed – see some of my videos) and settled on RR&Co S/W years ago and have progressed from version 5 to version 7, where I am stopping….
        Keep up the good instructional work you are doing on the various software.
        Many an enthusiast can learn from a good private instructor – am doing the same at present since I’m doing through the learning curve of Premier Pro and After Effects – ooooh my two-cell brain hurts!

        Regards Stu


        Posted by Stuart Farquharson | July 20, 2015, 09:25
  3. Your videos are so informative and clear – thank you!



    Posted by Michael Schønwandt | July 16, 2015, 13:11

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