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Six Trains Running Around via Traincontroller

Just for fun here’s a lil video showing six trains running around on the layout, under full automatic control by Traincontroller.

For smooth slow down behavior of the trains two little ‘tricks’ are used.

1: For scheduled stops a tick mark was set in the scheduled stop block at ‘Request Yellow Signal’. In the preceding block an appropriate ‘yellow’ speed was set. This takes care that trains that are going to make a scheduled stop already slow down to this ‘yellow’ speed in the preceding block. In the video this can be seen quite well with the two intercity passenger trains.

2: For unscheduled stops, the train can be slowed down when it has a red signal a block anead. This can be done in the Schedule Rules, all the way down under ‘Miscelleneous’, there is a Rule called “Anticipate Stop’ where a speed can be entered. Then simply click ‘Apply Rule to all Schedules’ and done. Now trains will slow down one block before they will meet a red signal.

These two measures make for smooth braking.

I also tinkered a bit with the release of blocks and routes. In the Schedule Rules it is set to ‘Smart with Train End’. This takes care of a higher throughput. Preceding blocks are already released when the train enters the new block (as opposed to the standard which is when it reached the stop marker). The route between the blocks is released when the train is fully inside the block. For this to work reliable it is needed to give the trains their appropriate length and to have done speed calibration … beacause TC is going to calculate when the train is fully inside the block.





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2 thoughts on “Six Trains Running Around via Traincontroller

  1. Hi Rudy,

    Happy new year to you! …

    Just a quick query about this post in which you mention a schedule rule setting of ‘ Smart with train end’…… I cannot find this only ‘Smart, or Smart or upon entry’ in the my schedule’s ‘Release of blocks and routes – Time of release section’. Could you clarify this for me?

    Great work as always, your dedication and hard work is much appreciated.




    Posted by Alf King | January 1, 2016, 09:54
    • Yes Alf, that was a typo … meant was ‘smart and upon entry’. There’s a new video and blog post in the making on exactly this, which will probably be a vailable today (January 1). Happy New Year!


      Posted by RudyB | January 1, 2016, 11:16

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