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Traincontroller 45: Comment Pins

One of the new features of TC9 are the Pins that can be shown on the switchboard. There are three categories:

1: Dr. Railroad pins. Dr. Railroad is the diagnostic tool that scans your layout for issues. In stead if presenting them in a list, they now also can be shown on the switchboard as pins and they very quickly pinpoint you to the location on your layout where something is wrong or is missing.

2: System pins. These come n very handy when debugging Schedules. In red and yellow they highlight all the places where the Schedule is restricted. Green pins show all the spots where the Schedule makes reservations.

3: User pins. These are used as ‘sticky notes’. You can attach a User pin to any item on your layout and write text in them. Handy if you want to remember why you did certain things the way you did them, or if you are in the process of building a new layout and you want to place a couple of To Do memo’s here and there for the next time you will be able to work on it again.

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