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Digikeijs DR5000 02 Control Properties and Settings

This video is about the DR5000 Control Properties / Settings window and about the settings in the Drive- and Switch windows.

One of the important settings is the number of speed steps we want the DR5000 to send to our loco’s. In most cases 28 steps is a good default value, which also works fine with most layout control software like e.g. Koploper, RocRail, iTrain, Traincontroller. Unless maybe the majority of your loco’s is equipped with 14 step decoders, then of course 14 steps would be the obvious default.

Once the default is set, then in the ‘Loco Speed Steps Table’ we only need to fill in the loco’s that differ from the default. Personally I always stay away from 128 speed steps … to my eyes it does not render a visibly better driving behavior, while it drastically increases (and maybe could clog?) data traffic on the communication lines and DCC.


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