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Digikeijs DR5000 04 Connect to Network via a Router

The DR5000 can connect to your PC via a network cable. Why use a network connection and not USB? The reason can be if your DR5000 is located far away form your PC. A USB canle should not exceed a length of 5m to have a reliable connection. A CAT6 network cable can be used over lengths up to 100m.

The easiest way to set up your network connection is by using a router in between: simply connect your PC to one router port and the DR5000 to another.

The router will assign an IP address to your DR5000. It is this IP address that you need to remember and type in the appropriate field in any PC app that you may use to control your model railway. If your router often changes thie IP address it can be convenient to tell the DR5000 to use a ‘Static’ address … the video shows how to do this.



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3 thoughts on “Digikeijs DR5000 04 Connect to Network via a Router

  1. Hi Rudy, Its been a while since our last correspondence, but I have been watching your video’s. I enjoy them all. I see your getting married again…… to the DR5000. Looks like you have found another winner!

    Since last correspondence, my research lead me to build the OpenDCC BiDiB modules. I did the circuit design as I wanted, had the PCB made in China and loaded the SMD’s. Loaded the software and have it connected to iTrain. Not that I have any trains running around a layout, but I still enjoy building.

    So where I am currently?

    I can’t get excited about iTrain, your video’s on TrainController is much more exciting. Unfortunately Mr Freiwald refuses to include BiDiB in the TrainController list of compliant controllers. So very disappointed with where I got to. But now you found something that might cheer me up, DR5000. I said last time that my wife didn’t cost as much as your EoS, but now you are reviewing the DR5000 that is probably at an acceptable price point that will gain me access to TrainController.

    The reason why I write is to ask you in advance of your video’s, where do you see the DR5000 going? Does it offer opportunity for DIY projects? OR is it tied to commercial product?

    Keep up the good work,

    Regards Michael Armstrong Australia



    Posted by Michael Armstrong | June 5, 2018, 13:11
    • Hi Michael. Sounds you’re having fun with BiDiB. The DR5000 is a perfect companion to connect to any train control software, had it been on the market when I needed to make a choice I would not have gotten an ECoS. New developments are cooking in the kitchen, like a throttle module and a new command station with different specs (don’t know details yet). As far as DIY is concerned, you’ll still need DCC servo / accessory decoders and train location feedback modules. I do all that with Arduino, you may make other choices … DR5000 has all the connectivity you might ask for.


      Posted by RudyB | June 5, 2018, 15:51
    • Hi micheal. So nice to hear from a fellow aussie user. I live in country victoria and use train controller. I drive the whole layout with a sprog III for the turnouts and a NCE SB5 power booster for train movements. It all works well. Would be very pleased if we could catch up
      Regards stuart marshall


      Posted by Stuart marshall | June 5, 2018, 22:32

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