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A super smooth Joystick and Throttle part 2: the woodwork for the housings

This is part 2 of 3 on building your own ‘super smooth’ joystick and throttle that can be used with flight simulators or racing games.

  1. The final result and the components needed.
  2. The woodwork, a Fusion 360 model and drawings with dimensions.
  3. The wiring and the software, with a download link of course.


This page contains all the info needed to build the housings for the Throttle and the Joystick.

I used 4 mm multiplex for the top- and bottom plates and 13.3 mm multiplex for the sides. If you have access to a laser cutting machine (there are quite a few online services for that, just Google) then life is simple, the dxf files for the top plates of the joystick and throttle are included in the zip file below. If you need to do it all by hand, that should not be too complicated either … it’s mainly a whole lot of holes to drill. There are two places that need a bit of woodwork craftsmanship, the 40 mm hole for the joystick, and the 3 x 77 mm slot for the throttle slider pot.

This is a download link to a zip file that contains all the pictures and drawings.

Have fun building these.

Click the images to see a larger version.

Model_Joystick_Top Model_Joystick_BottomThese are the links to the Fusion360 models of the Joystick and the Arduino:

Joystick_Fusion360  –  Arduino_Fusion360

Model_Throttle_Top Model_Throttle_BottomThis is the link to the Fusion 360 model of the Throttle:


Drawing_joystickDrawing of the Joystick

Drawing_ThrottleDrawing of the Throttle

Dimensions_JoystickDimensions top plate of the Joystick

Dimensions_ThrottleDimensions top plate of the Throttle



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