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Digikeijs DR5000 05 Software Firmware Upgrade

These are the steps to update the DR5000 software on the PC and the firmware in the module:

1) First remove your current installation of the configuration software.
2) Download the preferred version from our website.
3) Install the configuration software.
4) Connect the DR5000 with the USB cable.
5) Open the configuration software.
6) Go to the USB2.0 menu.
7) Use the ‘’UPDATE DR5000” button to activate the firmware update

The video shows the procedure step by step.


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3 thoughts on “Digikeijs DR5000 05 Software Firmware Upgrade

  1. Hello,
    Did you try to update firmware of Roco Multimaus (from v1.0.0 to eg. v1.0.4) via Digikeijs DR5000?


    Posted by Aleksandar Salatic | January 9, 2019, 22:38
  2. Nice Video (y)

    Chapter 3.81 only counts for Revision A devices. From revision B on the GO+STOP buttons do the same as chapter 3.81 describes 😉


    Posted by Karst Drenth | August 21, 2018, 21:48

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