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USB Configurable Arduino DCC Servo & Accessory Decoder – ArCoMoRa 1 – Download & Install the Software

Model railroad hobbyist friend Nico Teering took the Arduino DCC decoder software to a whole new level. A wealth of functions are combined all into one Arduino sketch for multi-purpose DCC control of 16 pins:

  • servo control, angles and speed
  • solenoid control
  • point frog polarization
  • accessory switching
  • one shot
  • blink
  • and more … even manual input is possible.

mardecA Windows PC application comes with it, to easily and conveniently configure the DCC decoder via USB. There’s no need to modify the Arduino code yourself or to tediously fumble with push buttons or with CV values, like is the case with most commercial decoders.

Max 16 pins can be given a DCC address. Any of the available functions can be assigned to the pins and parameters can be set … all via the PC screen while the Arduino is connected to USB.

Fellow hobbyist Servé Wouters designed an Arduino shield that contains a power circuit and the opto-coupler to connect the DCC signal to the Arduino, as well as a series of convenient screw terminals. All of this has been available here for some time already.

DCCNExtNow there is interesting news. Sergey Kopachevskiy (New York) designed a PCB that combines the Arduino processor and the shield into one unit. It comes as a DIY package. During build up the user can decide how many pins have a screw terminal and how many have a three pin Dupont servo connector. A plastic cover is also available. The new module is called DCCnext.

All info can be found on this website: ARCOMORA

The software (MS Windows only) is available for free and the DCCnext PCB and parts can be had for just €7,50 plus shipping … a very interesting option to DCC model rail hobbyists.

The video shows how to download and install the Windows software and do the initial configuration. Future videos will be about how to configure ports as an accessory decoder, or as a servo decoder, how to use manual inputs, and more …

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2 thoughts on “USB Configurable Arduino DCC Servo & Accessory Decoder – ArCoMoRa 1 – Download & Install the Software

  1. I have just insalled the lastest build to an UNO.

    The upload process must make some assumptions regarding the UNO. As a result I have an UNO that is no longer responding.

    Post installation failure AVRDUDE is now now not finding the mega328p.

    So, what are the pre-installation assumptions? Specific bootloader?

    I will reset the UNO and reproduce the error.


    Posted by e | December 24, 2019, 11:59
  2. Awaiting on postman Rudy


    Posted by James Hardie | July 8, 2019, 09:03

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