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Twinwoods & Bedford 03 Widen the Aisle

From the 3D design it looks like the aisles are going to be a bit tight. We did some tests to investigate if we’d be able to pass through a narrow space.

The tests were performed with two desks, spaced 30 cm apart. These tests were positive, as in ‘it’s doable’. However … desks are only 74 cm high, which means you pass them with your legs, below your bum.

The other day we were able to perform better tests, with tables at the intended height of 110 cm. That’s a whole other matter. Now you pass the tables with your belly, above your bum. How come that does not fit that nicely anymore? I have no idea. 🙂

The conclusion of the test was that we need to modify the layout a bit to create more aisle space. We had to give up our criterion of a minimum curve diameter of 1200 mm, we made the inner curve around Bletchley on the peninsula 1000 mm and we also created a small bend just behind the turnouts into Bletchley.

This had the desired result … we now have a 500 mm aisle width. In the process the idea popped up to extend Bletchley station over the curve, creating a tunnel. This helps making the layout somewhat more interesting. It’s not decided yet … let’s say this has an 80% probability.

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