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Twinwoods & Bedford 07 Mounting the Table

After sawing the 9 mm thick wooden plates in their respective shapes the table can be mounted. Along the walls the plates rest on a support beam. The peninsula and the aisle side of the wall tables rest on legs with height adjustable feet. The lower and upper tables and the peninsula are mostly done. … Continue reading

Twinwoods & Bedford 06 Sawing the Table

The simulations in EEP and in TrainController showed us that this layout has interesting and varied traffic flow. This gave us the confidence to now start sawing the wooden plates for the table. The challenge was to transfer the drawing from the PC to the boards to have the lines to saw along. We did … Continue reading

Twinwoods & Bedford 05 TrainController

The second test before sawing the tables is to try the layout in TrainController (TC). TC is a Windows program for control and automation of digital model railways. It has a simulation mode which makes it possible to already test a layout before it is physically there. TC uses block control. Every block has an … Continue reading

Twinwoods & Bedford 04 Simulation in EEP

Before putting the saw into the wood, constructing tables and laying track we planned to do two simulations, one in Traincontroller (next video) and one in the EEP 3D (model)railway simulator, which this video is about. Any possible issues found in this stage will be much easier to resolve than after the tables are shaped … Continue reading

Twinwoods & Bedford 03 Widen the Aisle

From the 3D design it looks like the aisles are going to be a bit tight. We did some tests to investigate if we’d be able to pass through a narrow space. The tests were performed with two desks, spaced 30 cm apart. These tests were positive, as in ‘it’s doable’. However … desks are … Continue reading

Twinwoods & Bedford 02 Table Design

The track layout has round shapes. We like the tables to follow these rounds. This means a lot of sawing work, with good accuracy. The plan is to first draw the sawing lines on the wooden plates such that it’s easy to follow them with a jigsaw. We first made a drawing with the correct … Continue reading

Twinwoods & Bedford 01 A Whole New Layout

Hobby friend Nico decided to create a new Model Railway in an empty room in his house. He asked me if I would help him, from beginning to end. I said: let’s do it! 🙂 So … this is the start of a series of videos that we plan to make along the way: a … Continue reading

New series of SCARM videos

Recently a new series of videos on the SCARM Model Railway Editor has seen the light. There are quite a few model railway editors around and I tried the majority of them. From the first moment I started to use SCARM I liked it because of its easy and straighforward way of working. And not … Continue reading

Multi Track Two Way Railway Crossing

At the ‘Fun with Arduino‘ blog I posted an article on an Arduino sketch for a multi track two way railway crossing, with blinking LEDs and a servo controlled beam to close the road. There are more sketches available over there at the Arduino blog that are suitable for Model Railways. Such as the Station … Continue reading

Hscope Automotive Module

The previous video was an introduction into Hscope, and Android app for a digital storage oscilloscope used in combination with hardware for instance the Hantek 6022BE module, and many similar others. This video shows an additional module that can be purchased from within Hscope for just a couple of $, well worth the money. It … Continue reading

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