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Hscope for Android – Hantek 6022BE

There are different software possibilities for use with the Hantek 6022BE USB oscilloscope. The previous post has an overview. One of the best looking apps, and also one of the most convenient ones becasue it runs on an Android phone or tablet which makes it very portable, is HSCOPE. Info can be found on the … Continue reading

Hantek 6022BE USB Oscilloscope and 6 Scope Software Apps to go with it.

An oscilloscope is an essential tool to any hobbyist that tinkers with electronics. I once got myself the JYE DSO Shell 150, more as a fun DIY project than as a really serious scope. I was in the market now for a somewhat more professional oscilloscope, with 2 channels and with a larger screen. My … Continue reading

USB Configurable Arduino DDC Servo & Accessory Decoder: Add a Port to a Servo to Switch Electrofrog Polarity

When a port is configured as a servo, we have the option to also configure one or even two outputs to go along with it. This can be used for many different purposes, but the main application of the extra outputs is to switch a relay to accommodate a so called ‘electrofrog’ turnout. These turnouts … Continue reading

USB Configurable Arduino DDC Servo & Accessory Decoder – ArCoMoRa 4 – Configure and Tune Servos

In the 2 previous videos we configured ports as an accessory. In this video we’ll have a look at how to configure a port to control a servo motor via a DCC address. First, of course, we have to connect a servo to one of the ports. When we solder our DCCnext we can decide … Continue reading

USB Configurable Arduino DDC Servo & Accessory Decoder – ArCoMoRa 3 – Configure Double Port Accessories

In the previous video we configured an accessory that switches one port via a given DCC Address. But we can go further than that … the MARDEC software has the option to switch 2 ports via 1 DCC address. This comes in very handy when for instance we have 2 inverse blinking lights, like with … Continue reading

USB Configurable Arduino DDC Servo & Accessory Decoder – ArCoMoRa 2 – Configure an On Off Accessory

Now that we installed the Windows software (see previous video) and uploaded the MARDEC sketch to a DCCnext or to an Arduino, we can start to configure the 16 available ports to do what we want them to do. The video shows an example of how to configure an on/off accessory on port 1 that … Continue reading

USB Configurable Arduino DCC Servo & Accessory Decoder – ArCoMoRa 1 – Download & Install the Software

Model railroad hobbyist friend Nico Teering took the Arduino DCC decoder software to a whole new level. A wealth of functions are combined all into one Arduino sketch for multi-purpose DCC control of 16 pins: servo control, angles and speed solenoid control point frog polarization accessory switching one shot blink and more … even manual … Continue reading

The €35,- KSGER T12 Soldering Station – is it any good?

  At the model railway club (EMV) we needed a soldering station that is suited for delicate soldering jobs like SMDs or PCBs but that can also handle heavier work. I came across the KSGER T12 Soldering Station which can be had for about €35,-. Is it any good? Short answer: I like it a … Continue reading

Digikeijs DR5000 05 Software Firmware Upgrade

These are the steps to update the DR5000 software on the PC and the firmware in the module: 1) First remove your current installation of the configuration software. 2) Download the preferred version from our website. 3) Install the configuration software. 4) Connect the DR5000 with the USB cable. 5) Open the configuration software. 6) … Continue reading

A super smooth Joystick and Throttle part 3: wiring and software (with download)

This is part 3 of 3 on building your own ‘super smooth’ joystick and throttle that can be used with flight simulators or racing games. The final result and the components needed. The woodwork, a Fusion 360 model and drawings with dimensions. The wiring and the software, with a download link of course. An Arduino … Continue reading

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