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LED lighting for the layout

Past week the RGB LED strip with remote control that I had ordered came in. The idea was to light the layout with it. Click any picture to see a larger version. This is the one I got. (I see the price has changed, I paid €18,20). It has a fancy RF remote, the advantage over … Continue reading

Six Trains Running Around via Traincontroller

Just for fun here’s a lil video showing six trains running around on the layout, under full automatic control by Traincontroller. For smooth slow down behavior of the trains two little ‘tricks’ are used. 1: For scheduled stops a tick mark was set in the scheduled stop block at ‘Request Yellow Signal’. In the preceding … Continue reading

Current status of Traincontroller Layout

This is the download link for the TC Gold file, it includes the icons, extended accessories and backgrounds graphics. Please copy the yrrg file to the folder where you store your TC files. TC does not store background images inside the yrrg file. They can be placed in any folder and then double click the … Continue reading

Test Run With Traincontroller ‘Auto Train by Drag and Drop’

Besides working on Traincontroller videos (which is fun to do) the highest priority with the layout right now is the installation of the train sensors. Well … the past few days 60 holes have been drilled and today 30 reed switches had their lead wires soldered on. That means all the preparations are done. What … Continue reading

Finally … driving around!

Finally all 23 turnout servo’s are attached, both mechanically and electrically. The video shows the first drive around the full layout with three trains. All still manually controlled. I have the ECoS screen on the iPad, via a VNC client (I use Mocha VNC Lite). Track automation really is a must, cause man … driving … Continue reading

First servo operated as planned via Koploper – ECoS – Arduino

Past weekend a lot of wiring work has been taken place, under the table. A 5V 0.6A supply is used to power the Arduino’s. Wires are spread to both the West and the East side of the table. A separate 5V 2A supply is used for the servo’s. They are spread all over the place, … Continue reading

Test drive over the full track

After I acquired and installed the one isolating joiner that kept me from closing the track, and after the final 10 DCC rail droppers were soldered, finally it is time for a test drive over the whole track! The video shows a cargo train going from Station West to Station South and vice versa, and … Continue reading

Soldering DCC rail droppers

Rail droppers are connected to the 5 branch DCC star network under the table. A start has been made soldering the 52 rail droppers to the track.           These are the steps I follow: 1. Strip the wire over 10 mm and tin it 2. Bend the tinned wire into an L shape over 2 … Continue reading

DCC wiring

This weekend a start has been made feeding DCC to the track. The challenge with wiring is to find your own personal preference in a mix of partly conflicting requirements. DCC voltage drop can be an issue. It’s a function of wire length, wire thickness and the current running through it. An easy solution is … Continue reading

Pimping a Peco buffer with lights

Today a new milestone is reached: the track is fixed to the board. From here on the electrical work can start and I bet soon we’ll see some life coming to the layout. The first sign of life are the lights that I mounted onto the Peco buffers. When I clicked the buffers to the … Continue reading

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