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New Video Series: Fun with Arduino

The Arduino can be a great toy to any hobbyist or modeler. With its configurable digital (20) or analog (6) inputs and outputs signals can be read from switches, sensors or data streams and we can control LEDs, relays, motors, (power)FETs and what have you. Not everyone is that much into electronics or software, the … Continue reading

Digikeijs DR5000 04 Connect to Network via a Router

The DR5000 can connect to your PC via a network cable. Why use a network connection and not USB? The reason can be if your DR5000 is located far away form your PC. A USB canle should not exceed a length of 5m to have a reliable connection. A CAT6 network cable can be used … Continue reading

Digikeijs DR5000 03 Connect Phone / Tablet to WiFi and use the Z21 app

To control trains while walking atround the layout we need a mobile throttle. Several brands offer hardware throttles and as long as it has a Loconet or an Xpressnet connection it will work fine with the DR5000. In case you do not (yet) like to invest in a hardware throttle there is an alternative: since … Continue reading

Traincontroller 9 released

Mid September 2017 version 9 of Traincontroller was released. Info on what’s new can be found here: TC 9 info.

Kadee Couplers with Neomybium Magnets

Kadee couplers ( provide a great way to couple and uncouple wagons. They couple effortless when you simply bump into a wagon, even with very low speed / force. Also they are the only couplers of all the different types I have that couple with high probability in a curve! And then … the uncoupling … Continue reading

A DCC throttle for €6,-

It’s always nice to have a mobile handheld speed control. Some modern Command Stations have network capabilities and iOS or Android throttles are available. However … many of us prefer to have a physical knob in our hands in stead of swipe on a screen. A very nice solution is the Mobile Control (ESU, Piko). … Continue reading

RGB LED strip control via DCC

The 2x RGB LED strip DCC control hardware is finished. The image shows the schematics to control one channel. The Arduino pwm output switches the gate of an NMOSFET. The FET switches the power, in our case the 12V of the LED strip. The resistor is there to keep the gate low, and the led’s … Continue reading

RGB LED Strip Control with Arduino and DCC

The RGB LED strip that is mounted above my layout (see this post) can be controlled via the remote. I thought it would also be nice when it can be controlled via the Traincontroller PC user interface, or via the command station. The Arduino came to the rescue. It has 6 PWM outputs via which … Continue reading

LED lighting for the layout

Past week the RGB LED strip with remote control that I had ordered came in. The idea was to light the layout with it. Click any picture to see a larger version. This is the one I got. (I see the price has changed, I paid €18,20). It has a fancy RF remote, the advantage over … Continue reading

2015 in review

The stats robot prepared a 2015 annual report. This blog was viewed about 100,000 times in 2015 by visitors from 100 different countries. The most popular posts were those about the Arduino DCC software and the Traincontroller video series. Click here to see the complete report.

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