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Six Trains Running Around via Traincontroller

Just for fun here’s a lil video showing six trains running around on the layout, under full automatic control by Traincontroller. For smooth slow down behavior of the trains two little ‘tricks’ are used. 1: For scheduled stops a tick mark was set in the scheduled stop block at ‘Request Yellow Signal’. In the preceding … Continue reading

Dwarf Signals

In the same fashion as the standard track side signals in the previous post, a handful of dwarf signals have been made. They are meant to be placed at the industry tracks and the two short side spurs in the layout that hold loco’s to pull a trains out of the terminal station tracks. Click … Continue reading

Five Cent Signals.

Adding signals to the layout would make it a bit more lively, I thought. Commercially available signals can be had at around €25,-. 3D printed DIY variants are available for about half that price. I always find it a challenge to see if things can be done with scrap material, for almost nothing. With the … Continue reading

Current status of Traincontroller Layout

This is the download link for the TC Gold file, it includes the icons, extended accessories and backgrounds graphics. Please copy the yrrg file to the folder where you store your TC files. TC does not store background images inside the yrrg file. They can be placed in any folder and then double click the … Continue reading

Traincontroller 33: Physical Signals on the Layout

It can be nice to enhance a layout with physical signals, just for some ‘eye candy’, or maybe to get closer to the possible ideal to create an as prototypical as possible model railway. The blocks in Traincontroller have ‘internal’ signals by default. These are used by TC to control train traffic. Physical signals on … Continue reading

SMD LED lighting for loco

Past week a first step was made to get some LED lighting on the two Roco cargo loco”s I have. They have only one headlight, a light bulb (well, actually 2, one for each direction). On the buffers there’s the ‘suggestion’ of lights. The red tail lights are just paint. The white headlight is brought … Continue reading

Coach Lighting Version 3 is a Keeper

I was not quite satisfied with the light flicker that coach lighting version 2 suffered from. A large capacitor could maybe help some, but I had my doubts. It stemmed more from bad DCC pickups. The pickup was from the axle, on 4 wheels, but from just one side of the rails per bogie: — … Continue reading

Coach Lighting Version 2

Coach lighting is commercially available for around €10 per coach. It contains wheel pickups, LED’s and electronics, sometimes all conveniently mounted on a strip. Still it is fun to see if we can do it ourselves. And … yes we can! 🙂 While the first coach lighting experiment worked, the Christmas lights pointed in all … Continue reading

RMR043 – Tuning for Higher Throughput

Of course, now that all the sensors are connected, I can’t get enough of playing with the trains. 🙂 Yesterday I tried to see if the ‘throughput’ could be improved some, such that trains on the move follow up on each other a bit sooner. Not that such is anything near prototypical, rather the opposite, … Continue reading

All Sensors Mounted – Automatic Driving!

It has been a while since there was any progress worth mentioning. First there was a short holiday, then there was a period with temperatures too high to comfortably do any work under the table. And it was under table where all the final work was … wiring 29 reed switches to the S88 Arduino’s. … Continue reading

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