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Hscope Automotive Module

The previous video was an introduction into Hscope, and Android app for a digital storage oscilloscope used in combination with hardware for instance the Hantek 6022BE module, and many similar others. This video shows an additional module that can be purchased from within Hscope for just a couple of $, well worth the money. It … Continue reading

On a shopping spree for ‘toys’.

Recently I was browsing some on Aliexpress … my preferred supplier for very reasonable priced tools and electronics, with free shipping to my front door. Suddenly I found myself on a shopping spree. Together with the tiny USB logic analyzer from the previous post I ordered a couple of other ‘toys’ that could come in handy. … Continue reading

USB Logic Analyzer + Sigrok / Pulseview

To anyone who tinkers with digital electronics and micro-computers, a logic analyzer is a great tool to have. Unfortunately they used to be quite expensive. Nowadays … no more. This tiny, 8 channel, 24MHz sample rate, USB module can be had for as little as €4,- from e.g. Aliexpress. Combined with the free open source … Continue reading

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