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Digikeijs DR5000 05 Software Firmware Upgrade

These are the steps to update the DR5000 software on the PC and the firmware in the module: 1) First remove your current installation of the configuration software. 2) Download the preferred version from our website. 3) Install the configuration software. 4) Connect the DR5000 with the USB cable. 5) Open the configuration software. 6) … Continue reading

Digikeijs DR5000 02 Control Properties and Settings

This video is about the DR5000 Control Properties / Settings window and about the settings in the Drive- and Switch windows. One of the important settings is the number of speed steps we want the DR5000 to send to our loco’s. In most cases 28 steps is a good default value, which also works fine … Continue reading

Digikeijs DR5000 01 Install, Connect, Drive a Train

Back in 2014 I wrote this post with some rambling on how to select a DCC Command Station. All of them do the job, this one has this feature and that one that … in the end it mainly becomes a personal preference. I chose the ESU ECoS … because I thought it ‘sexy’. Today … Continue reading

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