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Hantek 6022BE USB Oscilloscope and 6 Scope Software Apps to go with it.

An oscilloscope is an essential tool to any hobbyist that tinkers with electronics. I once got myself the JYE DSO Shell 150, more as a fun DIY project than as a really serious scope. I was in the market now for a somewhat more professional oscilloscope, with 2 channels and with a larger screen. My … Continue reading

USB Logic Analyzer + Sigrok / Pulseview

To anyone who tinkers with digital electronics and micro-computers, a logic analyzer is a great tool to have. Unfortunately they used to be quite expensive. Nowadays … no more. This tiny, 8 channel, 24MHz sample rate, USB module can be had for as little as €4,- from e.g. Aliexpress. Combined with the free open source … Continue reading

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