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Traincontroller 48: Use a Numerical Variable as a Counter

Variables are one the great additions to TC 9. A variable is a named memory location where we can store information, like a text or a number. We can access and change the contents of a variable via any item on our switchboard that has an Operations tab. We can use variables to change the … Continue reading

Traincontroller 47: HTML in Text Fields

In TC9 we can use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code inside text fields. This makes that we can use styling, like different font sizes, (background) colors, borders and more, in one and the same text field. HTML is the language that is used on the WWW to render web pages. Luckily it is easy … Continue reading

Traincontroller 46: Switchboards and Switchboard Windows

In TC9 Switchboard Windows are introduced. Unfortunately they have given some confusion. It may help when you think of switchboards and switchboard windows in a similar way as engines and engine windows. You can create multiple engines and you can create one or more engine windows, each of which will show the engine you select … Continue reading

Traincontroller 45: Comment Pins

One of the new features of TC9 are the Pins that can be shown on the switchboard. There are three categories: 1: Dr. Railroad pins. Dr. Railroad is the diagnostic tool that scans your layout for issues. In stead if presenting them in a list, they now also can be shown on the switchboard as … Continue reading

Traincontroller 44 – TC9 New User Interface

September 2017 version 9 of Traincontroller was released. Besides a new purchase, an upgrade is also available to existing users. The software and user manual can be downloaded here to try it out yourself. Follow this link for a summary of what’s new. This 78 pages document has a more in depth description of the … Continue reading

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