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Twinwoods & Bedford 04 Simulation in EEP

Before putting the saw into the wood, constructing tables and laying track we planned to do two simulations, one in Traincontroller (next video) and one in the EEP 3D (model)railway simulator, which this video is about.

Any possible issues found in this stage will be much easier to resolve than after the tables are shaped and track has been laid.

Besides … it’s just fun to create a layout in EEP and have trains run fully automatic thanks to the additional software that was created in a joint cooperation with German hobby friend Frank Buchholz.

So … what are we looking for? Well, mainly if the layout looks nice. In our eyes that is. Some may think there’s too much track and too little room for scenery, but hey, that’s how we like it :).

We also want to check if train flow is smooth, varied, and without any traffic jams or hiccups, or opposite, to see if there are any tracks that are never/seldom used.

For those who like to try out EEP themselves:

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