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Traincontroller 06: Drive Trains Manually with Routes

In the previous video’s we did all the preliminary work to now be able to drive trains around on the layout, while their routes will be protected via the use of blocks and sensors. A real layout, by the way, does not even need to be connected, we can use the built in Simulator.

First we place some engines in some blocks. When we would drive these engines, TC will see them move from block to block. TC knows where they are thanks to the feedback from the train detection sensors.

When we select routes (a route is a path between two blocks), TC will switch the turnouts on that route for us. Longer routes, covering multiple blocks, can be created via a very handy ‘route recording’ tool.

Once a route is active, the turnouts on that route can not be operated manually anymore, which helps prevent accidents from happening.

In this video we’ll drive the trains manually and we’ll see them move from block to block on the switchboard.

In the next video we’ll start with automated train traffic.

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3 thoughts on “Traincontroller 06: Drive Trains Manually with Routes

  1. Hi Rudy,
    I am watching all your videos with great interest and getting a lot of enjoyment from them. I was wondering if you have feed back switches from your turnouts to monitor they are physically in the position they are supposed to be? I may have missed this, if it is covered on a video please tell me which one. If not would you consider making one to cover this aspect and how it is incorporated into traincontroller.
    Thanks again for all the videos.


    Posted by Malcolm | October 4, 2015, 16:39
    • Hi Malcolm. I don’t use monitoring on my points. I think chanches they are not moving to the right position are so small that, to me, it does not warrant the effort and costs. It will be difficult to do a video on this without the hardware to work with installed.


      Posted by RudyB | October 4, 2015, 16:55

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