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Current status of Traincontroller Layout

This is the download link for the TC Gold file, it includes the icons, extended accessories and backgrounds graphics. Please copy the yrrg file to the folder where you store your TC files. TC does not store background images inside the yrrg file. They can be placed in any folder and then double click the image icon (diagonal striped square) and tell TC where the image is stored.

LCDThe LCD is available in 4 colors, blue, orange, grey and green. The counters on the LCD screen have a comment that mentions which color is used with each of the LCD colors.

To enhance traffic variety, a few new Schedules have been added. They drive the Intercity trains into Station South. Obviously when they are there, there’s only one way out … driving backwards, which they do very carefully at a very low speed of 20 km/hr. It’s all entirely not prototypical … but on this little model railway layout it just gives a bit more variety to look at. There’s a switch on the control panel to switch these Schedules on or off, so if I like to drive somewhat more realistic, it is just the press of a button.

The Indicators and buttons on the control panel are:

The LCD screen shows the number of active Schedules and the number of trains that are driving at speed > 1. Note that if Schedules are terminated by hand, the counter is not updated. A reset of the counter is needed (right click > reset, or use the large ‘Power off’ button (the bottom one) and then power on again.

The Nixie tube counter shows the number of trains driving (same as LCD).

The 4 flagman above the Nixie are used to show the ‘driving’ status of each individual train and they are the basis for the Counter, that uses ‘exact n’ logic. If a train is driving, is monitored by a so called ‘train description’.


The 8 toggle switches switch Schedules on or off. On the layout itself there also are switches that switch Schedules on/off.

The large ‘On’ button below the Nixie has a double function.
Click the upper half switches the schedules off. Trains will drive to their destination, or to block form where the can not drive any further if their destination block is reserved.
Click the lower half will terminate all schedules, trains stop abrupt.

The large ‘On’ button at the bottom is the power off ‘panic’ button.

Bottom panel top row:
1: Blue LED lights when at least one Schedule is active
2: Switch to enable the station audio message. It plays when the train drives into station West. The switch auto resets itself when the audio message has been triggered. It’s triggered by an Action marker in the blocks West 3,4.
3: Switch to enable/disable the Schedules for Intercity trains running into Station South. Trains drive out backwards, to North-3 or to West 1,2. Then they resume their normal Schedule to West 3,4 again.
4: Green LED that signals if all points are in their proper startup state. (See switch 4 below).

Bottom panel bottom row:
1: Switch all schedules on / off.
2: Terminate all Schedules
3: Switch all train lights, interior lights and cabin lights off.
4: Switch all points to their startup position. The servo’s will make an unwanted jump at ‘power on’ when they are not in their start position. I set every point in its start position before I power off, this avoids high current drain at startup from this jerky servo behavior.



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9 thoughts on “Current status of Traincontroller Layout

  1. hello sir,
    I am searching for the yrrg files to download your images,but I cannot find anywhere sir.
    I am using TC 7 Gold.
    please let me know sir.


    Posted by edward | September 5, 2016, 16:44
  2. It does not look like you have a reverse loop. I have under my model railway. It iriterer my train always stops right in the middle of this, but only using Tranincontroller. By Roco Multimaus works fine and it runs right through. What is the reason for this. There is of course a reverse loop module in order to be able to do this.


    Posted by Bjarne Pedersen | October 21, 2015, 13:14
    • Indeed I do not have a reverse loop. I have no clue as to why things happen as you describe. It might be worthwhile to post on the Traincontroller forum, most people are very helpful there, and chances are someone has had the same and knows how to solve it.


      Posted by RudyB | October 21, 2015, 15:42
  3. Hi Rudy so I get this correct.. You activate this button at the end of a running session and save. So when you turn the layout next time the turnouts will effectively be locked until you deactivate the idle turnouts button??



    Posted by Darren johns | October 6, 2015, 22:12
    • Darren, I explained the pushbutton poorly. TC auto-stores the status of points when you close it. That may he enough to you. Additionally, in some specific situations it is needed to put all points in a certain known position before power down. For instance on my layout I use self made Arduino servo decoders and my points need to be in their startup position, else my servo’s make a jerky movement at power on. That’s why I use a button on the switchboard, with all the points in the Operations tab, to move them to the position I need them to be. Then I can shut down TC, a save is not needed, but often I do that ‘just in case’, sort of a habit. 🙂


      Posted by RudyB | October 7, 2015, 10:16
  4. Hi rudy, regard the turnout idle button. How does the system know the start up,turnout positions? Or is it always the last saved position?? Cheers keep the videos coming love them


    Posted by Darren johns | October 6, 2015, 12:22
    • Yes, last status is saved, or at least can be manually saved just to make sure. 🙂
      When you’d use a button on the switchboard to move the points into a certain position, then the old state does not matter, they will all assume the state given by the Operation in the button.


      Posted by RudyB | October 6, 2015, 13:17
  5. Geweldig Rudy, wat een uitstekende video’s. Zeer leerzaam.


    Posted by Dompie | October 5, 2015, 17:56

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