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Traincontroller 51 – New Switchboard Elements : Gates and Crossovers

Version 9 has a few new switchboard items available:

A: The space saving crossover. Formerly, to enable trains to switch between two parallel tracks, it took 4 junctions. With the new ‘crossover’ track elements it takes half the space. Each crossover has 2 decoder addresses to control the 2 turnouts inside it.

B: Gates. This element is used to control e.g. garage doors when combination with a DCC servo decoder. The element is placed on a route. It switches open automatic as soon as the route becomes active and closes again when the route is released.

C: Crossing gates. These elements are used to create a road crossing with automatic beams. The element is placed on a route. It can be dragged / enlarged to span multiple parallel tracks. The beams close fully automatic as soon as the route becomes active. They open again when all the tracks between the gates are free.

The control of the elements can further be enhanced by conditions or by operations inside other elements.




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8 thoughts on “Traincontroller 51 – New Switchboard Elements : Gates and Crossovers

  1. Hi Rudy,
    I am using Gold demo now. I started it and immediately set up z21. But it gives following message:
    “Hardware problem occurred. Digital system does not respond.
    System: Roco/Fleischmann z21-Connection:”

    I have disabled wifi on the laptop and entered the ip address of z21 I have connected laptop with Ethernet cable to the one of the four LAN ports on TP-Link router.
    I am able to ping the z21 port from the laptop. It sends and receives 4 bytes successfully.
    Earlier, z21 worked very well with my Samsung mobile phone z21 app. Not able to figure out the problem with TC from laptop.
    Someone from TC forum mentioned about unlocking z21 but it is for z21 Start model. Is unlocking required for z21? I have seen many videos and z21 UK website. No one mentions it.
    Please help.


    Posted by Dilip | February 19, 2018, 11:47
    • Are you sure the z21 is connected to the same router? Is it on wifi? If connected to the same router and the iP address is given in TC, they should find each other. I can’t be of much help if they don’t cause I do not own a z21, have no experience or tips. I’m sure on the forum there will be some help.


      Posted by RudyB | February 20, 2018, 10:30
      • Yes. They are connected to the same router. Wifi on laptop is off. So only connection is through LAN port. Laptop can ping to z21. That’s why I puzzled whey TC can’t find z21. Hope someone can help.


        Posted by Dilip | February 21, 2018, 02:07
      • Hi Rudy,
        Today, I controlled train using Rocrail software with z21 from my laptop. But not TC which shows digital system doesn’t respond. So, issue seems to be with TC.


        Posted by Dilip | February 21, 2018, 13:33
  2. Hi Rudy,
    The blue dropdown menu vanished, I think, when I opened my Bronze7 example in Bronze9. So I could not create new layout in Bronze9. I tried uninstalling and installing Bronze9, but did not help. Finally, I reset my Windows10 which took hours and installed Bronze 9 again. Now the drop down menu to the left of Railroad is there.


    Posted by Dilip | February 14, 2018, 02:10
  3. Hi Rudy,
    I installed Bronze7 in my new laptop so that I can follow your videos since menu items are similar. I am glad that I could create files based on your videos til Autorun.Then I uninstalled it and installed Bronze9 to study and practise but I noticed when I opened the Bronze7 my layout in Bronze9, the dropdown menu (similar to File menu) next Railroad tab disappeared. When I restarted or uninstalled and installed Bronze9 again still the same. When I now open Bronze9 it shows the example layout. There is no empty layout. Since dropdown menu is not there, I can’t create my layout. What could be the problem? Do I have reset my Windows?
    Appreciate if you can help.


    Posted by Dilip | February 13, 2018, 13:05

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