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Traincontroller 52 – New Engine Functions: List & Short Distance Move

In the ‘Functions’ tab of the properties window of an engine we can define the functions that the digital decoder that is built into the engine supports. Often these are things like headlight, cabin light, shunt speed, or, in case of a sound decoder also several sounds that can be triggered independently.

With TC 9 it is possible to not only add decoder functions … also a list of operations can be created that will execute once the function button is pressed. The operations are similar to the ones we can use in the Operations tab of elements like switches, signals, flagman, etc.

One of the many possibilities this new option gives us is to play a sound that is stored on our computer. This way a sound decoder can be simulated, as far as horns and whistles and speaker messages are concerned.

Another new option in TC 9 is a Train Operation called Short Distance Move. With this operation a number of cm / inches can be specified and when activated the train will drive that distance at crawl speed. This can be handy for instance to move an engine just enough to couple onto wagons, or to move to a decoupler position on the track.


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5 thoughts on “Traincontroller 52 – New Engine Functions: List & Short Distance Move

  1. Rudy – I know many have said it but you really do make a difference to the whole TC experience. The manual tells you ‘what’ it can do (for the most part) but you tell us ‘how’ and you open up so much of the program and make it seem so much easier. TC is an amazing program with so many unexplored features I think. I just hope you can keep taking time to share you knowledge with everyone. Thanks so much,


    Posted by Darlofan59 | March 10, 2018, 11:28
  2. Dear Rudy – Many thanks for all the excellent tutorials that you have published regarding Train Controller and your model railway. I have learned a great deal from your very instructional videos and like you really like the “control” element of the hobby. As a non-electronics person your imput has been invaluable to me and I’m sure many more users of TC. I always eagerly await each of your videos.

    Once again many thanks,
    Eddie Fogg


    Posted by Eddie | March 6, 2018, 16:36
  3. wow thanks again for the help greg


    Posted by greg whayman | February 28, 2018, 21:25

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