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USB Configurable Arduino DDC Servo & Accessory Decoder – ArCoMoRa 4 – Configure and Tune Servos

servoIn the 2 previous videos we configured ports as an accessory. In this video we’ll have a look at how to configure a port to control a servo motor via a DCC address.

First, of course, we have to connect a servo to one of the ports. When we solder our DCCnext we can decide to have some Dupont pins on the PCB to connect our servos … very convenient.

Use a separate 5V power supply to feed your servos … it is not a good idea to power the servo motors from your USB connection. DCC next has screw terminals to connect the 5V servo power. This can at the same time power the Arduino circuitry (place the jumper accordingly, see the user manual).

To configure a servo port the steps are:

  1. Type C to enter config mode
  2. Type P and enter the port number
  3. Enter the DCC address we want this servo to have
  4. Type 2 to make this port a servo

By default the angles are set to 75 and 105 degrees. We probably will have to tune these angles to make our application work properly. With the + and – command we can change the angles by +/- 1 degree. To toggle between the two angles, type C (change).

During initial configuration we have entered a default servo speed, yet for every servo port this speed can be changed: type S and enter the speed.

With any servo, one or two additional ports can be appointed that switch together with the servo. This can for instance be used with electrofrog turnouts, to switch relays to change frog polarity. This will be the subject of the next video.

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