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Traincontroller 02: Let’s Drive Some Trains

Now that the software is installed and the connection to the Command Station has been made, the fun can start. The first thing to try out is to drive some trains.

Click the ‘Edit mode’ icon, or select menu ‘View – Edit Mode’, or press hotkey Ctrl-E to get into ‘Edit Mode’.

A new train can be added via the menu ‘Train – Create Engine’. A new entry ends up in the ‘Engines + Trains window. If that is not yet in view then select menu ‘Window – Engines + Trains’.

Double click a train entry in the list and its properties window will open.

In the ‘Connection’ tab select your Command Station in the ‘Digital System’ dropdown and enter the loco’s DCC address in the ‘Address’ field.

In the ‘General’ tab give it a name to distinguish it if you add more loco’s. That’s all for now, a name and address is enough to start driving.

Open one or more Throttle windows via the menu ‘Window – New Train Window’. The throttle windows can be freely moved to any location on your screen.

In the throttle windows click the loco image or name (right below the window title bar) and select the loco you want to control with this throttle from the list.

We’re all set to go. Click the ‘Edit mode’ icon to get out of ‘Edit Mode’ and into ‘Operations Mode’.

We can drive a train by moving the green slider in three possible ways:
– click and drag the slider with the mouse.
– click the dial and rotate your mouse wheel
– click the dial and use the L/R arrow keys on the keyboard. The U/D keys operate the brake.

By the way, in ‘Operations Mode’ a double click on a train in the list will open a new Throttle Window if there were none yet. If there already were, this throttle will get focus.

Have fun.


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