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Traincontroller 03: Create a Switch Panel

In this thrird video on working with Traincontroller we’ll have a look at how easy it is to draw a layout on a switchboard and how to link the turnouts to the DCC addresses in our Command Station.

TC has a ‘Draw’ tool with which creating a layout becomes a matter of seconds. Turnouts are automatically inserted when two lines touch each other.

Then double-click each turnout to enter its properties such as DCC address and … we’re already done! Trains can be driven around using the throttles, while we also can switch turnouts, all from one PC user interface.

In the next video’s we’ll add blocks and train detection sensors, after which we will be able to visually follow our trains on the switchboard and also to automate train traffic.



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One thought on “Traincontroller 03: Create a Switch Panel

  1. Very nice explanation of the software, with a sympathetic Dutch accent. Thank you Rudy.


    Posted by Ingo | June 7, 2015, 10:24

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