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Traincontroller 09: Automatic Driving with Auto Train Toolbar

In the previous 2 video’s we had a look at Auto Train by Drag and Drop, which made it easy to send a train from A to B, and we could send a train on a random journey with Spontaneous Run.

When we would like some more control on where our trains are going, and/or have multiple start or destination blocks, and/or create a shuttle or cycle operation, then the ‘Auto Train Toolbar’ is our friend.

With the Auto Train Toolbar it is possible to create versatile train operations. These can also be saved for later use as a ‘Schedule’. In Traincontroller a ‘Schedule’ is a set of routes, combined with a set of attributes and Rules. Saved Schedules can be found in the Dispatcher Window under the Schedules tab.

With Auto Train Toolbar the same set of Rules is used as with Auto Train by Drag and Drop. These Rules can be edited via the menu Schedule > Auto Train Rules


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3 thoughts on “Traincontroller 09: Automatic Driving with Auto Train Toolbar

  1. Dear Rudy, in te last few weeks I learnd so mutch about TC. Thank you for all this instractions and video’s. Normaly I speak Swiss-German and Francais. Your English is so verry good, taht I had no problem to unterstnd your messages. Thanks e lot and I hope to learn more. Kind tegards from Nuglar, Jean Luc Perrin


    Posted by Perrin Jean Luc | June 12, 2017, 13:19
  2. Hi Rudy,

    I would like to echo the comments of Stanley and more particularly Alf. As a result of your videos I have changed from Win-digipet to TC Gold and I like it a lot. I will be making the trip from down under to Europe next week. I will be staying with friends in Hilvarenbeek for a while and wouldn’t mind making the trip to Eindhoven for a visit maybe. Perhaps we could exchange emails. Not many down here in the other hemisphere are aware of TC and your videos are the best marketing Mr Freiwald could have.

    Peter M


    Posted by Peter Morris | July 4, 2015, 16:05
  3. hi Rudy, well I’m sold (as they say) thanks, great video again.
    best regards


    Posted by stanley ellames | July 2, 2015, 12:44

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