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Traincontroller 14: Customize the User Interface – Toolbars / Colors / Windows

In the previous video’s 01 – 13 we saw how we can create a layout and how we can drive trains around, either manually or half- or fully automated. Quite a few times I said ‘this will be the subject of a later video’. Well … the ‘quick start’ is over, from here on we’ll dive a bit more into the details.

In this video we’ll have a look at how we can modify the User Interface to our liking.

The toolbars can be modified via menu ‘View > Customize Menu’s and Tool Bars’, then the ‘Commands’ tab. Select a category and then simply drag an icon to a toolbar. To remove icons that you seldom use, simply drag them off the toolbar.

The overall look and feel of Traincontroller can be changed via the menu: ‘View > UI-Style’, then select a style from the list.

Many windows have the option to customize their colors and settings. For instance to change the Switchboard, go to menu ‘View > Switchboard > Customize’.

The Switchboard has no zoom function with a percentage. like the Dispatcher has. There is an option however to change the icon size via the menu ‘View > Switchboard > Symbol Size’. The result is similar to a  stepwise zoom in or out.

Windows can be made floating, dockable or tabbed. This way a User Interface layout can be created to any ones liking.


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